Action Plan for Eliminating Debris
in the Upper Monongahela River

Begin community-based River Sweeps (once or twice each year) to remove debris from along banks before it reaches locks, in cooperation with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

o Chuck Joseph and Minter Foster (both WV DEP) will be spearheading this. Pass any possible volunteers/supporters on to Chuck: or 304.368.3950 or (cell) 304.288.0294.

o Goal is to launch inaugural MON River Sweep in spring 2006. Could support periodic clean ups in interim with tipping fees, gloves, bags, hauling, 2 jon boats and a bigger trash-hauling boat.

Monitor litter on the river and hold frequent river-bank clean-ups to maintain debris removal between the River Sweep events. Develop a small debris-monitoring group, which will take pictures at certain points along the river on a set schedule.

Investigate the origins of the litter with help of West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and watershed organizations - especially West Fork River

Educate the public (especially youth) through programs aimed at stopping debris at its source (an important long term effort)

o Brad Blaine (WV DEP) 304.368.3950 is a public information officer with the Youth Environmental Program for this area. He has education materials and is available for speaking engagements.

o Place signs at strategic storm water drains to notify public that debris/pollution entering drain has direct route to stream/river. (Would need funding source.)

o Gain access to public schools through Keep America Beautiful program (Jambie is working on this.)

Work in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers to accomplish the goals of this action plan to eliminate debris behind locks

Monitor progress through meetings of the Monongahela River Debris Committee

Seek private and government funding sources to aid in the effort to keep the Monongahela debris free

Create partnerships with other groups interested in debris-free environment

Establish a community relations campaign to keep our river debris free

The DEP is committed to taking responsibility of disposing of the debris if it is delivered to the shore.

The Solid Waste Authority crew will assist the dam debris clean-up.

The WVDEP will pay for all disposal of trash collected from the dam.