Agenda - Mon River Recreation Commerce Committee
Friday 12 December 2008

Meeting 9AM, conference room, Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce.

Next meeting will be Friday 9 January 2009

NOTE: If you have an item for the agenda, please contact Don Strimbeck, 304-599-7585,

REV 2, 8 Dec 08.


NOTE! Agenda items may not be addressed in order listed. Chairman Barry Pallay’s discretion here!

* Review minutes of 10 October 2008 meeting.0 Review/approve minutes of 14 November 2008 meeting.

* NOTE! RIVERFRONT PROJECT presented to MRR&CC at our 10 October meeting by WVU students Madeleine Hoden, Julie Kagler, and Daniel Proudfoot, will be presented 3PM this Friday 12 December to Chief of Staff to WVU president.

* Implementation of a Mon River Water Quality Monitoring Program. Much amazing progress has been made since our 14 November meeting. - Barry Pallay, Paul Ziemkiewicz, and, Frank Jernejcic. This should be of interest to news media! And, to environmental groups.

* Format and agenda for Mon River Summit IV, Monday 13 April 2009, Waterfront Place Hotel, Morgantown WV. Committee input sought here. But, what follows comes from Pallay-Strimbeck phone conversation. We will again go with no breakout sessions. Theme is A FORUM ON OPPORTUNITIES AND ISSUES ON MON RIVER WATER QUALITY, COMMERCE, RECREATION, AND, INFRASTRUCTURE. Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce president Ken Busz welcomes summit attendees. Patrick Donovan Ex Dir WV Public Port Authority again does keynote talk, focus on progress with intramodal transportation in WV, and, how his agency can boost boating recreation. Wally Venable presentation (let Wally make presentation this time!) on Mon events since last summit. Pittsburgh District presentation on status of district infrastructure, by COL Mike Crall, District Engineer. We then move to the four forum topics. Session on water quality chaired by Paul Ziemkiewicz, Director, WV Water Research Institute. Session on river commerce and infrastructure issues chaired by Jim McCarville, Ex Dir Port of Pittsburgh Commission. Session on recreation chaired by Frank Jernejcic, WVDNR, to include tourism development component by Peggy Myers-Smith, Ex Dir, Greater Morgantown Convention & Visitors Bureau. Format would be presentation by chairman of each group, then, panel discussion (we will designate folks to be on the panels), followed by audience questions. Summit ends with Wally Venable recap! What we do for lunch speaker is up for grabs!!! Perhaps this speaker could address how their community used their river to enhance tourism? That might be a good follow-up re our Point Pleasant speaker at MRS III??!!

* Fund raising. For summit. For Coffindaffer Riverfront Fund. For Upper Mon Water Trail map.

* Status of WVDNR launch facility, and, fishing and boat access -Jernejcic. Corps rejection re fishing access at Morgantown lock & dam.

* Status of Upper Mon Water Trail map - Martin Christ, Paula Martinelli. ESPECIALLY, funds needed to pay for new design and for PFBC to print us 15,000 copies? What do we have on hand, and, what do we need NOW!?

* River arts projects - Brooks.

* Matt Cybulski plaque - Strimbeck mailed plaque to Matt, after Ralph LaRue purchased plaque!! Email from MATT!

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I want to thank you and the rest of the committee for the plaque. I really appreciate the recognition. I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you and wish you luck on the upcoming summit. I know that it will be another success. As I've mentioned to Don in previous e-mails, I'll let you know when I make my next trip to Morgantown. Perhaps we can get together for lunch, dinner, etc. On another note, things here in Illinois are going well. These last 5 months have been extremely valuable and I've learned a great deal.

Please pass my gratitude on to the rest of the committee at the next meeting.

Please keep in touch and thank you again.


* Quality Glass site status - Patrick Kirby.

* River photos - for yearly event summary Wally Venable prepares for Mon River Summit, and, for UMRA calendar

* Other topics ? Granville water taxi? Hildebrand trash boom? Fall CERRUS meeting? Additional committee members?