Agenda - Mon River Recreation Commerce Committee
Friday 12 September 2008

Meeting 9AM, conference room, Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce.

Next meeting will be Friday 12 December 2008.

NOTE: If you have an item for the agenda, please contact Don Strimbeck, 304-599-7585,

REV 1, 29 Oct 08.


NOTE! Agenda items may not be addressed in order listed. Chairman Barry Pallay’s discretion here!

* Review minutes of 10 October 2008 meeting.

* Add tourism component to Mon River Summit IV? - Peggy Myers-Smith.

Strimbeck suggestion: CVB’s perhaps should update info in QUIMBY’S CRUISING GUIDE?

* Mon river water quality - Paul Ziemkiewicz, Frank Jernejcic

* Trash boom at Hildebrand - Tim Terman.

* CERRUS meeting 21 October. - Strimbeck & Pallay. Meeting notes will eventually be posted on

* Fund-raising, for Coffindaffer Riverfront Fund, WVDNR operation & maintenance of boat launch facility, and, camping facility at Everettville Historical Society miners memorial.

* Status of WVDNR launch facility, and, fishing access -Jernejcic.

* Status of Upper Mon Water Trail map - Martin Christ, Paula Martinelli. ESPECIALLY, funds needed to pay for new design and for PFBC to print us 15,000 copies? What do we have on hand, and, what do we need NOW!?

* Representation on committee of additional interest groups.

* Letter to Mon River Summit attendees - Pallay & Strimbeck.

* River arts projects - Brooks.

* Matt Cybulski plaque - Venable, Brooks & LaRue.

* Quality Glass site status - Patrick Kirby.

* Mon River Summit IV planning - Pallay, Strimbeck

* River photos - for yearly event summary Wally Venable prepares for Mon River Summit, and, for UMRA calendar

* MRR&CC mission/projects statement.