MRRCC Meeting

January 12, 2007

Greater Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce


Brad Allamong, CVF Paula Martinelli, GMCT

Matt Cybulski, CVF Kevin McClung, City of Fairmont

Joe Duperre, Waterfront Hotel Barry Pallay, MCDA

Hannah Hardy, PA Envir. Coucil Peggy Pings, NPS

Kristie Jamieson, S& J Don Strimbeck, UMRA

Frank Jernejcic, DNR Brenda Walker, CVF Ralph LaRue, BOPARC

Mon River Summit Update

  1. Patrick Donovan will be the morning speaker but will not be able to stay for lunch.
  2. Frank spoke with a friend regarding Gov. Manchin's attendance. Feels the Governor will do all he can to attend.
  3. Ralph is still working on getting someone from Chattanooga.
  4. Kristian suggested Bob Corker, the ex-mayor. Haven't got in touch with anyone from Marietta either.
  5. Added recreation to the environmental breakout.
  6. Frank reminded that we must keep the Corps involved in all aspects of the summit.
  7. We do not do know, as yet, who will do the recap or who could act as a backup for the Governor.
  8. Matt will be talking to Scott Rotruck. Dean Orr has offered to speak on any topic we suggest.
  9. Hannah contacted former Pittsburgh Mayor, Tom Murphy. He may not be in the country but is interested if it works out.
  10. We need to consider AV costs this year.
  11. Budget: So far, UMRA offered $500.00. Joe noted that we should put more emphasis on sponsorship this year. Paula suggested we charge more for tables but it was agreed that we need to build our critical mass of attendance first.
  12. Paula has a list of PR names and addresses, including PA, and will forward to Matt.

Potential Motorboat Regatta

A committee is actively working on this project which might take place in July. The Pgh. Motorboat regatta will not take place this year. Wheeling did one last September but Ralph noted that the viewshed is better than what we could provide. Speed is a great factor when determining the possibility of having a regatta.

BIG Dock Update

  1. Gangplank delivered. Expecting to get the dock very soon.
  2. Star City received approval from the Corps.

Marina Update

  1. Marina restaurant will not be open as planned in February.
  2. Parry has decided on a lease arrangement.
  3. The Shell building is up. The downstairs of the Marina is more than 80 percent complete.
  4. 180 ft of dock coming for crew team
  5. Need to pour the walkway from the trail to the docks

River Access Projects

  1. Projects moving forward.
  2. Would like to have the Corps open the lock wall for fishing in Westover. It would be the equivalent of building a $1 million pier.

Water Trail Guide

  1. Looking for funding for the update and the GPS guides.
  2. Meeting to review and document the changes for the updated brochure is January 19 at Peggy's office in Percival Hall.

Next Meeting February 9th, 9am at the Chamber.