Minutes taken by Don Strimbeck

Next meeting will be 9AM Friday 8 August, at chamber conference room.

Attending: Paul Ziemkiewicz (Director, West Virginia Water Research Institute, WVU), Chad Pierskalla (Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Resources, WVU), Don Strimbeck, Barry Pallay, Billy Coffindaffer, Carol Thorn, David Weaver, Frank Jernejcic, Judy Reckart, Kristian Jamieson, and, Paula Martinelli.

Minutes of 13 June 2008 meeting were approved.

Judy Reckart provided hard copy of her draft proceedings of Mon River Summit III held on Monday 7 April 2008 at Waterfront Place Hotel, Morgantown WV. Judy needs further information on two presentations to complete the draft. She hopes to have final draft done by our next meeting on 8 August. The report format is WORD Document. If you would like to get report online, contact Judy at 304-292-9527, email jreckart@comcast.net. Please forward your review comments to Judy, and, to Don Strimbeck (email dcsoinks@comcast.net). Final draft will be posted at MonRiverSummit.org.

Tom Bartlett's friend video-taped the summit for us. Judy found the video to be helpful in preparing summit proceedings. Quality of the video is not good enough for posting on website. We will keep video as a record of the summit. Don Strimbeck will pay Bartlett's friend $200 for making the video.

Bill Coffindaffer reported on the Coffindaffer Riverfront Fund he established at the Greater Morgantown Community Trust. Fund has $41K as of 8 July. Purpose of fund is to provide seed money for riverfront endeavors. Fund-raising for this fund will be a committee endeavor. It was also suggested that perhaps a Mon River Summit fund could be established at GMCT.

Carol Thorn, Everettville Historical Association, reported on their miner memorial site adjacent to the river. This site is accessible by small boats (bridge over creek blocks large boats). Site may be suited for camping by kayak and canoe folks. The committee will give this possibility further consideration, including fund-raising for such a facility. It also appears that design of such a facility perhaps could be a WVU student class project, via Chad Pierskalla.

Frank Jernejcic said WVDNR will start construction in August of the boat launch facility at the county industrial park. Construction should take 2-3 months. The committee intends to help define an operations and maintenance plan for this facility. Perhaps BOPARC or Monongalia County might operate and maintain the facility. Funds for this purpose need to be raised. Frank said this facility could serve as the launch point for the 2009 regional bass tournament. The site might also help support the some 30 bass tournaments held yearly in the Upper Mon region.

Status of Upper Mon Water Trail map. Will be topic for August meeting, as Martin Christ was absent.

Representation of more interest groups on MRR&CC. We should seek participation by WVBASS, Waterfront Hotel, Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Status of Volcano Island resort near Fairmont. Lack of use of boat slips at Upper Mon River Center. Topics for August meeting, as Ralph LaRue was absent.

We hope to schedule one Mon river tour on Tom & Barbara Bartlett's THE ENCHANTRESS, in the period between Labor Day and mid-October. Strimbeck will work with Bartlett on getting tour scheduled.

Committee will send letter after Labor Day to those who attended Mon River Summit III. Letter will advise to Save the Date for Mon River Summit IV on Monday 13 April 2009, at Waterfront Place Hotel.

Frank Jernejcic discussed fishing access to river. We need to develop a river walk along the bank from the Morgantown lock & dam, to Deckers Creek. The old lockwall on the north approach to the Morgantown lock and dam is a good fishing site (Corps of Engineers objects!). If hydropower is installed on our Upper Mon locks, perhaps the permit for this installation could require construction of fishing piers. Also, the new limestone unloading docks at Fort Martin require mitigation, and perhaps this mitigation could require creation of fishing access sites.

Status of Mon river arts projects. Awaits return of Ro Brooks from vacation. Topic for August meeting.

Plaque for Matt Cybulski. Wally is to design, Ralph to procure? Topic for August meeting!

Quality Glass site. Awaiting Department of Environmental Protection test results due end of July. Test results will guide planning as what to do at the site. Perhaps parking for rail-trail users, and, launch access to river for non-powered boats.

Draft of mission and projects statement for MRR&CC was handed out. Discussion topic for August meeting.

LONGVIEW was discussed, in light of their decision NOT to use mine water for plant cooling. They will pump from river. This will be topic for August meeting. UMRA has meeting on 7 August with Jimmy Laurita and Longview general manager, Charles Huguenard.