MRRCC Minutes

November 11, 2005


Brad Allamong, CVF, G. Thomas Bartlett, UMRA Matt Cybulski, CVF, John Fullmer, Frank Jernejcic, WVDNR Ralph S. LaRue, BOPARC Paula Martinelli, GMCT, Joe Murphy, Pt. Marion, Barry Pallay, MCDA, Jessie Reckart, CVF, Wallace Venable, UMRA, Donald Strimbeck, UMRA, Davis Weaver, DMJM-Harris

1. Wally motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Don seconded and the motion was carried.


A date for the Mon River Summit was discussed. Joe Duperre was unavailable therefore we could only confirm that a preferred time window would be March with a backup date in April.


The Mon River Tour was a great success. 16 people participated. Many felt the tour was a good way to keep all involved apprised of what is happening on the river.

4. DEP Testing Contaminates

Frank Jernejcic commented that the article in the paper, referring to DEP testing for contaminates, really alarms people but does little to inform. A better approach might be an interview situation with Judy Reckart on the Community Development page. Barry notes that the long term trends are impressive. A comparative article would bring this out.


Joe Murphy reports that the Pt. Marion BIG dock has a permit from the Army Corps and is waiting for county zoning. In addition to these monies there is a grant for a walking trail. While a contract for installing the pilings was selected in May 2004, costs have greatly increased and area a matter of some concern.


Ralph reported on the Morgantown BIG dock. Four conduits to the amphitheater stage means electrical is not a problem. Boparc would like to have this type of work completed before the onset of winter.

7. Barry suggested that Westover needs a strategy to address their riverfront. Brad suggested getting them involved in the Council of Governments

8. Wally spoke with a lead on a successful Marina operator for this area.

9. The meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent at 10:00am.

Respectfully submitted by Paula Martinelli, Secretary