Minutes - MRR&CC Meeting

August 12, 2005 9:00 a.m.

Present: Don Strimbeck, Paula Martinelli, Scott Rotruck, G. Thomas Bartlett, Ken Mabery, Randy Stovall, Meredith Pavlick, Wally Venable, Kristian Jamieson, Frank Jernejcic Joe Duperre, Deborah Adrian, Matt Cybulski, Brad Allamong

  1. Wally's website is up and running. The address is www.monriversummit.org
  2. Minor changes were made to the July 20th minutes and then accepted.
  3. Brad thoroughly explained that every attempt was made to contact elected officials and outside experts for the summit, but they could not make it. He stressed the fact that the summit has been postponed, not cancelled.
  4. Wally felt that the summit needs to be showcased better in order to attract local officials and congressmen.
  5. Scott and Brad will discuss the future summit with representatives from Congressman Mollohan's office.
  6. Brad suggested that we look toward spring for the summit. Right now, the aim is for late March or early April. Joe Duperre will check the availability of the Radisson.
  7. We're now aiming for Congressmen Mollohan and Murtha, along with Governor Manchin. We'll try to get all 3 but 2 out of 3 will be acceptable for the summit.
  8. The summit does not necessarily have to be held on a Saturday.
  9. It was also suggested and agreed upon that if the Governor cannot make the summit, we would like to have him to a video presentation/speech feed, either live or taped.
  10. The feeling is that once we have a tangible product, we'll be able to attract solid sponsorship. The sponsors will be recognized on registration sheets, on advertisements, etc. The committee continues to want to keep the registration fee at $25.
  11. Over the coming months, the CVF will continue to improve upon agenda setting, minute taking, and related issues.
  12. Frank suggested that the committee improve upon inviting representatives from other communities and counties along the river, especially folks from Fairmont/Marion County.
  13. Don suggested that we invite local officials to MRRCC meetings, have them commit to attending the summit, and use their feedback while planning the summit.
  14. The committee needs more private sector representation at future meetings.
  15. Kristian will send out a draft of the By-Laws through e-mail for everyone's review and comments.
  16. Paula has volunteered to take the minutes of future meetings and distribute them. Wally volunteered to be webmaster for the committee. Both of these positions will be volunteer positions until the By-Laws are adopted and formal appointments are made to these positions.
  17. There will be a special meeting held on Friday August 26, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce. This special meeting will focus on:

A. Organization

  1. structure
  2. membership
  3. staffing (agendas, minutes, finances, etc.)
  4. Vision, Goals/Objectives

B. Timetables/Specific Responsibilities

  1. who is pursuing key speakers
  2. budget
  3. Invitation (lists, etc.)
  4. Sponsorship