MRRCC Minutes

January 13, 2006

Attendees: Brad Allamong, CVF, Joe Duperre, Radisson, Eric Fitts, CVF, Dennis Groce, Pt Marion Frank Jernejcic, WVDNR Ralph S. LaRue, BOPARC Rich Little, White Day Creek, Paula Martinelli, GMCT Ken Mabery, NPS, Barry Pallay, MCDA Jessie Reckart, Chamber Wally Venable, UMRA

1. Ralph motioned to accept the minutes of the 12/16/2005 and 11/11/2005 MRRCC Meetings. Wally provided the second and the motion was carried unanimously.

Mon River Summit

2. Tentative date is April 10. Brad is working off the old agenda. We must develop a sub-committee to facilitate planning and include others in the planning process.

River Sweep

3. First annual river sweep is set for June 10th probably 7 am to 1 pm. County site coordinators have been appointed and many water groups have tentatively committed.

4. Still needed are prizes for the kids. Joe Duperre from the Radisson has offered the picnic area as a gathering point for volunteers and as a site for the celebration picnic afterward.

5. As far as we know, there have been no activities coordinated in PA.

River Trail Brochure

6. Wally reported that tourism funds are not available for production of this brochure.

7. However, the PA Fish and Boat Commission have a special program to promote water trails. They would print and distribute internally if we buy the paper. This would actually provide for a wide audience. The only problem is that they require GIS mapping which could be expensive.

8. By specifically determining the type of GIS data we need first we can cut the cost.

9. Joe D. suggested we sell advertising to raise funds for printing.

10. Brad says we need a budget to help make these decisions. Also, we might be able to obtain the GIS data from our membership. We will table discussion until hard numbers are available.

BIG dock, updates for Mgtwn, Pt. Marion

11. Morgantown - Ralph spoke with Allegheny Power. Changed the approach to the dock which will eliminate the switchback in the design. This will be easier to construct being 5 feet further out from shore.

12. Pt. Marion - Dennis noted they are applying for a grant for other park enhancements. Could use BIG money for a match but will need to spend it quickly.

13. There are some problems obtaining a credit line. Additionally there are problems with the Army Corps. They cannot find the geological work that was completed on the site.


14. Close to final plans. It will be difficult to float because of flooding issues. Approaching $10,000 in fundraising.

15. Next meeting is on February 10 at 9 am. Revised bylaws will need to be approved.

16. There being no further business, Wally motioned to adjourn and Ralph seconded. The motioned was unanimously carried.