MRRCC Minutes

December 16, 2005

Attendees: Brad Allamong, CVF Ro Brooks, MAC, Matt Cybulski, CVF, Joe Duperre, Radisson Dennis Groce, Pt Marion, Kristian Jamieson, Steptoe & Johnson, Frank Jernejcic, WVDNR Chuck Joseph, DEP, Ralph S. LaRue, BOPARC, Rich Little, White Day, Paula Martinelli, GMCT Jessie Reckart, CVF Barry Pallay, UMRA Don Strimbeck, UMRA Wally Venable, UMRA David Weaver, DMJM-Harris

Guest: Anthony Giambrone, Solid Waste Authority

Litter Sub-Committee

1. The committee has not met in a few months, mainly because of the Corp's situation following Hurricane Katrina. Brad Allamong had been in contact with Rich Lockwood. Lockwood will return to the Pittsburgh station, soon and the committee will invite him to speak.

2. Barry Pallay questioned the purpose of inviting Mr. Lockwood to meet with the sub-committee. He suggested that the committee create a detailed plan, including costs, to take to Pittsburgh to present to Mr. Lockwood. He also suggested that this plan be shared with Commissioner Bob Bell.

3. Wally Venable suggested that the litter committee meet to refresh members' memories as to the committee's prior actions.

Marina & BIG Dock

4. David Weaver presented updates and drawings of both the Marina Project and the BIG dock. Contractor bids on the Marina project were due on Tuesday, December 21st. Red Rocks area will not be affected by the design of the Marina project. The swim rocks are 80 to 100 ft. upstream of the Marina. The BIG dock will be attached to the shore with swinging arms and guide wires thus it is floating. It is a multi-user public space. The Marina will use vertical pipe piles which are of the cost of the dock system.

5. Barry Pallay asked if the Marina will also be public use. Wally also expressed his concern that this be the case as it is using state monies. Dave Weaver responded that to the best of his knowledge it is available for public use but special provisions may need to be made for canoests and kayakers. This is not part of his area of responsibility to Platinum Properties.

6. Wally motioned that a letter asking the public use question be submitted to Platinum Properties. Dave seconded the motion and the motion was carried by unanimous vote of the committee.

Upper Mon Water Trail brochure

7. Dock information should be provided as soon as possible to be included on the water trail map.

8. Funding is the primary obstacle at this point.

Mon River Sweep 2006

9. Anthony Giambrone presented a tentative plan for the one-day litter cleanup event to be held in early June.

10. Wally suggested that the committee invite PA to join us.

11. Wally made a motion to have the MRRCC be a sponsor of the 2006 Mon River Sweep. Ralph seconded and the motion was carried by unanimous vote.

12. Brad and Paula will work out details of managing finances to provide a non-profit standing for the event.

13. Wally motioned to adjourn and David seconded the motion which was carried unanimously at 10:00am.

Next meeting at the Chamber, Friday, January 13, 2006.