Minutes of MRRCC Meeting - Friday, August 26, 2005


Brad Allamong, Chamber
Matt Cybulski, Chamber
Meredith Pavlick, Friends of Deckers Creek
Joe Duperre, Radisson
G. Thomas Bartlett, Upper Mon River Assoc. & Grafton
Dennis Groce, Pt. Marion
Jessie Reckart, Chamber
Frank Jernejcic, WVDNR
Don Strimbeck, Upper Mon River Assoc.
Ro Brooks, MAC
Ralph LaRue, BOPARC
Billy Coffindaffer, Star City
Paula Martinelli, GMCT
Jack Thompson, GMCVB
Joe Cocalis
Barry Pallay, Upper Mon River Assoc.
Wally Venable, Upper Mon River Assoc.

1. Matt started the meeting at 9:10 am with approval of the minutes. Wally noted a correction that the video presentation/conferencing option should be made available to all congressional representatives.

2. Wally moved to approve the minutes with the correction from August 12, 2005. Frank seconded and the motion passed.


3. Don Strimbeck noted that it looks like Star City will be able to handle the dock addition without additional support. It is unlikely there will be any construction before next spring. Also, a handicapped accessible site behind the stage was approved.

4. Joe Duperre met with Gateway Clipper representatives who are very interested in a temporary dock to get a jump start on what will evolve into use of the marina. Ralph said it could be done at Walnut Street. Joe would like to have it closer to the Radisson but the difference in elevation from the river may make it infeasible for loading and unloading supplies. Joe will be meeting with Clipper reps again to further discuss their plans.


5. Wally would like to see more detail on how membership on the MRRCC is determined. He recommended that membership be on an individual basis, that membership be requested by attending a meeting, and that upon missing 3 successive meetings membership may be revoked.

6. There was some discussion regarding whether a new governing body should be established. Brad suggested a steering/executive committee with members elected from the MRRCC membership. He proposed a 5 member committee under section IV in the draft By-Laws.

7. An interim steering committee was proposed as follows: ???? Wally motioned to accept the interim committee, Frank seconded and the motion was passed. Wally moved to establish the term of office on the interim committee for one calendar year. Brad seconded and the motion was passed.

9. Brad suggested that under Article I: Purpose, the committee should be identified as a function of Vision 20/20. The motion was unanimously accepted.

10. There was considerable debate regarding what should be considered a quorum, 50 percent of the membership or a specific number. Fifty percent was favored.

11. Regarding staffing, it was determined that meetings will continue on the 2'd Friday of every month. A notice of meeting will be sent and RSVP requested two weeks before the upcoming meeting along with the attached minutes. The staff will work with the chair to develop an agenda which will be sent 48 hours in advance of the meeting.


12. Discussion of rescheduling the Mon Summit focused on a date at the end of March or early April. Joe noted the Radisson could handle the Summit at that time of year.

13. Brad would like the steering committee to pin down a timetable for the Summit soon.

14. Joe suggested a weekday would help to encourage the attendance of political leaders.

15. Wally would like a vision statement and membership list for the web site.

16. Brad motioned to adjourn and the motion was unanimously accepted.

NEXT MEETING: Friday, September 9th, 2005, 9:00 am at the Chamber