Minutes taken by Don Strimbeck

Next meeting will be 9AM Friday 13 June at Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Mon River Recreation & Commerce VISION 2020 Committee, Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce, met 9AM Friday 2 May 2008 at chamber conference room.

Attending: Don Strimbeck, Kris Jamieson, Ralph LaRue, Barry Pallay, Wally Venable, Frank Jernejcic, David Weaver, and, Martin Christ.

Per motion from Wally Venable, Matt Cybulski will make payment from chamber funds for Mon River Summit III (MRS III) for art contest conducted by Ro Brooks, Mon Arts Center, on behalf of summit. Winning submissions were on display at summit.

Don Strimbeck will personally pay (on behalf of Upper Mon River Association) for video taping of summit, done by friend of Tom Bartlett, provided tape is deemed satisfactory. DVD has been received from Tom Bartlett, and Strimbeck has given DVD to Judy Reckart for review and to help Judy in preparing summit proceedings. Judy will have summit proceedings draft ready for our July meeting (Friday 11 July 08).

Wally Venable moved that Mon River Summit IV be held at Waterfront Place Hotel, Monday 6 April 2009. Motion passed. Matt Cybulski will contact hotel re scheduling the next summit.

Wally Venable reported on CERRUS (Corps of Engineers & River Recreational Users Summit) spring meeting at Oakmont Yacht Club, Oakmont, PA, on 1 May 2008. Minutes are available from Pittsburgh District USACE. Wally noted that corps personnel were very complimentary re Mon River Summit III (7 April 2008 at Waterfront Place Hotel).

Kris Jamieson resigned as committee chairman. Kris suggested we specify a set term for the chair position. We will select chair at our June meeting. Wally Venable nominated Barry Pallay to be chair. Barry is willing to accept.

It was noted that Morgantown City Council member Don Spencer gave very favorable report on MRS III to the council.

Motion by Wally Venable was passed by unanimous vote of thanks to Matt Cybulski for his efforts that made MRS III a great success! Ralph LaRue will procure plaque to give to Matt, and, Wally will draft thanks message for plaque.

Strimbeck will draft letter that committee chair can send to all who attended MRS III, thanking them for attending, announcing MRS IV, and, especially thanking those who participated in the program.

David Weaver is preparing CD of MRS III presentations, which Wally Venable might post on summit website.

Martin Christ suggested a theme for MRS IV - THE RIVER IN A CARBON-CONSTRAINED WORLD.

Ralph LaRue said he will tour Quality Glass site with Patrick Kirby, re preparing site for launching of non-powered boats - canoes, kayaks, rowboats, etc.

Ralph LaRue reported that BOPARC crew cut & trimmed trees and brush on riverbank near Upper Mon River Center. He may extend this work south towards Morgantown lock & dam. Folks are taking advantage of this improved access to Red Rock area.

Frank Jernejcic would like to see a riverbank walkway from dam to Deckers Creek, for fishing access etc. Perhaps get a congressional add-on for this, or, make hydropower firm pay for it. Frank said COL Crall is receptive to this idea. Design & plan for this needs developed.

Frank would like to revive proposal for lockwall fishing on west side of river by Morgantown lock & dam. Frank said start date for construction of bass boat launch facility at Monongalia County Industrial Park site is uncertain due to funding problems. Work may not start until 2009.