Minutes of MRRCC Meeting 9 September 2005

Minutes of MRRCC Meeting
Friday, September 9, 2005


Brad Allamong, Chamber, Kristian Jamieson, Steptoe and Johnson, Scott Rotruck, Chamber, Matt Cybulski, Chamber, Jack Thompson, GMCVB, Joe Duperre, Radisson, Paula Martinelli, GMCT, Wally Venable, UMRA, Dennis Groce, Pt. Marion, Jessie Reckart, Chamber, David Weaver, DMJM-Harris

1. Brad Allamong called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

2. Approval of the minutes. It was suggested that the minutes be amended to include thenames of the interim steering committee and be adjusted for minor grammatical errors.

3. Matt moved to approve the minutes with the corrections. Joe seconded and the motion was carried.


4. Kristian commented on several organizational issues re: the draft Charter & By-Laws.

5. First, he felt that we need to establish a membership list so that we can establish a quorum definition. Second, the Chairman's term of office needs to be defined.

6. Article IV will detail election and authority of Officers while the current section Article IV, Section C will become Article V: Steering Committee. We will continue the process of modifying the bylaws through these edits and then, amendment.


7. Website: Wally requests that information to be published on the website be sent to him in document files. (.doc)

8. Water Trail: It was noted that the Monongahela River Water Trail was ranked #12 on the American Canoe Association's recommended rivers. We just missed the cutoff and will be in great position by getting water maps available ASAP.

9. Mon River Summit: Scott Rotruck spoke with Congressmen Murtha and Mollohan. Both are interested in attending even in November. Fairmont and PA people are interested also. Joe Duperre needs a date. Wally moved to authorize Brad, Scott and Joe to set the date. Joe seconded and the motion was carried.

10. Debris Committee: Will meet later today and will determine what recommendations will be made to the Corps of Engineers. Areas of interest include river cleanup and public education.

11. Vision Statement: General discussion of the statement centered on the level of emphasis placed on tourism in the statement. Jack felt tourism should have a distinct position within the document. CVF agreed to make edits to this effect in the statement. Wally moved to approve the Vision for the Upper Monongahela River. The Statement was ratified unanimously.

12.Brad motioned to adjourn and the motion was unanimously accepted.

13. NEXT MEETING: Friday, October 14, 2005, 9:00 am at the Chamber