Mission Statement for


Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce

REV 1, 3:42AM Tuesday 8 July 2008


Our mission focus is on developing river commerce and recreation along the Upper Monongahela River Corridor (Fairmont WV to Fredericktown PA).

The annual Mon River Summit is our vehicle for involving the public and business community in our mission goals. Website for MRR&CC and for summit is MonRiverSummit.org. Additional information may be found at UpperMon.org. The summit is held in April at the Waterfront Place Hotel, Morgantown WV. Mon River Summit IV is Monday April 13, 2009.

Our operating mode is to identify needs and serve as a catalyst to effect implementation. As community volunteers, the committee is not organized, staffed, or funded to undertake large projects. The one exception here is that the committee does organize, raise funds for, and run the annual Mon River Summit.

The MRR&CC normally meets on the second Friday of the month, 9AM, at Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce. Meetings are open to the public.


The prime river recreation objective is improved access, to the river for recreational boaters and fishers, and, from the river for boating access to shore-side businesses (restaurants, businesses furnishing supplies needed by boaters).

The Coffindaffer Riverfront Fund at the Greater Morgantown Community Trust is our primary vehicle for financial assistance for shore-side riverfront recreational development.

RECREATION PROJECTS (past, present, on-going, pending)


The prime commercial objective is to increase river-borne commerce and intra-modal transportation along the river corridor, and, support new shore-side industries that rely on river transport.